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Corporate Communication Events

Eventi e Convention internaAfter many years of experience in the field of events planning, we firmly believe that original and innovative communication should be an essential part of every business appointment, because emotions can convey ideas in a much more incisive and immediate way. The key to success is not a huge budget, but a winning concept.










What We Do

We look for a metaphor rich in content and charm, then a coherent and meaningful title; we study a coordinated image that can be adjusted to all elements of the event (and we mean every single element, e.g. Power Point and Word layouts, clipboards, invitations, posters, menus etc. ). We can create videos or animations, emotional and educational, with the help of professional actors or transforming co-workers into talented artists.

When needed, we can look for the right location and negotiate the best conditions on your behalf.

Taking care of every detail doesn’t worry us (in fact, we think it’s fun) and of course we can give full support to the speakers and help them improve their public speaking techniques.