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Experiential Activities

Attività Esperienziali interna

To this day we’ve created about 130 different experiential activity formats, a list that keeps on growing. We’ve divided them into Sports, Creative Design, Culinary, Cinema and Theatre, Musical and Figurative, Charitable and Philanthropic, Role Play.

We’ve also developed specific dynamics for broad audiences and Ice Breaking Games for courses and meetings.

We don’t want to be too detailed here, because we would bore you and we could never give you the complete picture.

Contact us and we’ll listen.

If you explain what your requirements are, we’ll come up with something truly unique, in accordance with your training and business expectations.



During these years of activity, our participants have had the chance to be chefs, artists, detectives, designers and explorers; they’ve written songs, helped out others, created music videos, trained their sense of smell, put on plays and overcome many preconceived notions about themselves and others.

In unconventional spaces you can express yourself creatively and challenge yourself without feeling judged; you can feel individually fulfilled and, at the same time, appreciate the power of teamwork; you can be childlike and playful, all the while learning something new and useful.

We help participants reflect on the meaning and importance of their actions, especially when these are tied to socially beneficial purposes.