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Games-internaThe word Gamificationis no longer frightening: companies have understood how simple, immediate (and also fun!) it is to transfer concepts, values, strategies and objectives using a playful challenge.

There are those who prefer classic board games, those who try the new serious games, those who ask us to organize training sessions as online competitions.

Boards, APPs or websites; points or levels; individual play or team competition; luck or ability; activities lasting a few hours or an entire year.. any formula is possible!






Our mission is to constantly encourage participants in an interactive and involving manner, thus helping them assimilate corporate content in a creative, challenging and fun way.

Organizing “gamification” so that it’s useful and efficient is a challenge that requires great competences in the field of company training, but also in the field of gaming: our staff of gaming experts, game- designers, developers, graphic designers and illustrators is at your disposal to create fantastic scenarios, original and engaging, without forgetting the value of learning.